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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I always have so much to say about everything, so I decided to try out blogging. It seemed like an OK idea at first, but then I thought, "...I can't just blog about any or no thing." What to talk about? I thought about it , and thought about it. " Which parts of my life would I consider exploiting," I asked myself. Then I thought, "When am I having the most fun in life?" Aside from personal family time, which I would not want everyone to know per Se, it's got to be when I am out on the town. Lounges, movies, dinners, parties, all of it is great. When we get invited to a celebration here or a lunch there, it really helps us all to see all the beauty that the city has to offer. Pittsburgh has so many wonderful people and places!

So, there it was right in front of me, right all around me, the reason to blog, Pittsburgh!

So, if anyone is interested, here it is , reviews, pictures, opinions, and plenty Bull SugarHoneyIcedTea!

Oh, and check out my List. The top 7 people and places that we like, and you will to. This list changes regularly, so if there are businesses in the city that want to make the list, please email me, and we will review, and consider. Remember this, we will give fare reviews of every people, place, thing, so if its wack, we will let everyone know, and of course, if its fabulous, we will certainly do our part.

Get out there, enjoy the city!