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Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting my Leno On!

Hey everyone! I like many of you have been very busy with work, family, and back to school business. Through it all Spotlightpittsburgh is still making connections, and still growing. To that end, I would like you all to tune into tonight at midnight! SpotlightPittsburgh is doing a waffleshop talk show tonight! Guests include: Hassan Howze, author of the book Life Tips, local musician Ricardo Robinson, and Shay Wafer, VP of programs for the August Wilson Center. The waffle shop streams live at midnight, so do check us out.

I will be posting a great piece done by Dr. Goddess soon about women, so check back for that as well. Please leave questions and/or comments below each post. Tell at least one person today to check out this site!