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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Ok, so day two of phone blogging. I always knew that I could blog from my phone and email it to blogger draft THEN when on the computer I could edit and post it. Now, the blogger app for Android makes all of that doable from the device. I LIKE.  Maybe this means that I will write more posts like I used to.  Lately its been all about posting events/happenings. That's fine, but I am a writer, and I miss writing. We shall see...

I will still be posting events/happenings

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Cool Out

Hello everyone. I am currently blogging from my bed/android device. Who knew that Blogger had a widget, I didn' the winter cool out is upon SpotlightPittsburgh.  That means that postings are a bit slower to come. As many of you know I am the main writer here at SLP so sometimes life gets very crammed. Soon and very soon I will be posting events and interviews. Thank you for supporting SpotlightPittsburgh!