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Sunday, March 15, 2009

We are Back!!

OK, its been quite a while I know. The past few Winter months have been extremely difficult for me personally, yet life still goes on. Also,we will be staying right here at blog spot for now. I wanted to move on to bigger and better things, I have opted to go with the flow of my life instead of fight against it, so here we stay.

OK, thank you to everyone who still believes in this SpotlightPittsburgh project! Please tell everyone that the Spotlight is back on Pittsburgh, and we are going strong! Check back regularly for new posts, or just to listen to music ( I will update soon ). Please take some time to view the two short videos that are posted. The Venus Revolution coming to Pittsburgh, and SpotlightPittsburgh is helping to make the revolution realized in our city! The body is truly a work of art, and viewing it as such is a great perspective to have. I invite you to get familiar! I love my extreme curves, and so do you (( smile, wink )). Please visit the website for more info on what the Venus Revolution is all about. When you go to the site, join the emailing list to stay up dated. Tell all of your friends who are painters and sketch artists etc. to check out the Venus site too. Do YOU know who Saartjie Baartman is? Do a search and let me know what you have learned.

Well, thanks again, stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. Glad you are BACK!! YAY!!! I still BELIEVE in SpotlightPittsburgh! We need YOU!!