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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Holidays

Well folks it feels like forever since I last blogged. However, it has not been that long. As you know the holiday season is upon us, and weather you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday during this time, it is bound to get you stressed. The posts that follow this one are all fun and exciting things to do. So, de-stress, relax, and have fun!

I love to see my friends and hang out and have a great time. This past week, I had been low key and went hardly anywhere. I received texts and tweets asking, 'where are you at?' 'where are you going this weekend?' Since SpotlightPittsburgh is growing in popularity it is difficult for me to keep the pace even though I am out often. Again I ask, if you or anyone that you know likes to hang out, has an outgoing personality, and would like to represent SpotlightPittsburgh at events around the city, please send me an email, spotlightpittsburgh@gmail. Malik and I are only two people, and as much as we try to cover alot of ground, we cant make it to everything. I would like the Spotlight to shine on as much of our beautiful city as possible and I simply can not do it all, so help!!!

Ok, in the mean while, we will keep you up dated with what is happening the best we can. Also soon, I will post "after the event" blogs so you can get a better scope and know what the event was like even if you could not make it.

Thanks to Wadria Style & Steel Taylor for helping compile today's event list. One of the events listed is Allure. This will be the event to close out this crazy year. In my opinion, it is so nice that this celebration is not on new years eve, but on dec 26th. In the past I have been to several new years eve parties in the city, and they have been total wompers, because many folks leave town to celebrate the in coming year. These parties always lack a certain energy to me. December 26th however is a different story! Christmas will be over, it will be the first day of Kwanzaa, everyone wants to party from the 26th until the 1st, so here is the opportunity to jump it all off. do come to Allure, and have a great time!

Please pay attention to the dates of some of these listings, as many of them are this week. Connect hosted by Classic1824 @ Capri bar will be a great networking opportunity for everyone to connect with one another about our youth. If you work with and/or have a heart for our youth, this connect is for you.

Ok, I have typed enough. Check out each listing, mark the dates, and go.....

Thanks for holding SpotlightPittsburgh down!!!

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