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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Standard

One hot summer a few years ago Malik and I sat down with Nate Mitchell at his home in Penn Hills and we, along with Jovon - Nates fiance, chatted it up like the friends that we are.  We talked about many things that night, and one thing in particular.  I have always secretly felt to be privileged and "in the know" for learning the history of Charismatic Marketing, as it was formerly named. We talked about his early days of marketing and dj ing events - and how that created a life of its own.  Over many years Nate had began to cultivate a culture of young, over 25 party goers that had grown accustomed to his brand of partying.  Charismatic Marketing had transformed Pittsburgh's entire urban nightlife scene by supplying followers with a sexy venue, great drink specials, and the best record spinning within a 300 mile radius which always includes two turntables and a mic!!

 Life happens, and things never stay the same, and so, the nightlife in Pittsburgh has been changed forever.  New urban entertainment companies have emerged, and have gained a significant share of the nightlife market in this region.  There is a nice grown and sexy experience waiting to happen any day of the week in this city.  It has made Pittsburgh a much more enjoyable place to life, and is greatly appreciated by many.  While so many ent. companies where gaining ground, the man that set the standard was seemingly fading into obscurity.  Having a party here and there could never be enough to satisfy Pittsburgh appetite for grown and sexy fun. Also, there are  far more options for nightlife ent. these days.  Nate seemed to be losing his demographic to a younger,  less experienced albeit savvy crew of nightlife conductors.  Many including myself wondered if he still even had an audience.

Well, on Sunday, May 30th Charismatic Nightlife set out to remind some, and convince others that the helm was/is occupied.  The way that my feet feel even as I type is proof positive that the Standard has been reprised.  In my opinion the mark of a great party experience is how packed the dance floor is.  Many times I have gone out for the evening and thought to my self, "i don't even feel like dancing", we all have.  Then, a song gets played that hurls you from your position, and onto  the dance floor.  Anyone can promote a party and pack it, but can you keep people on the floor?  People do not get dressed up, and women don't squeeze into high heels, to just see and be seen.  Of course that is all a part of it, but people want to dance til they sweat.  If your party is filled with people standing around and watching one another, then it is not a total success.  Sure you got money in your pocket, but will they come back?  Are they anticipating the next one?  The quintessential element that DJ Nate has over the competition is that he IS the DJ!  When Charismatic Nightlife promotes an event, the DJ is the promoter, so he is in full control of the event outcome from the flyer printing, to the record spinning, leaving very little room for chance.

The Standard was like a reunion of sorts as well.  Many party goers that have not seen one another for quite some time were in attendance and over joyed that Nate was in the building.  Many of these Charismatic NL fans, had not even been in the nightlife scene for a while simply because they do not trust other DJ's to make it worth their time, and energy, and money.  When a DJ's intention is to ROCK the crowd, it is measured by the dance floor and how happy people seem to be, and it was apparent that Nate pleased many. We all danced.  We could not sit down, believe me I tried!     There are no pics to accompany this post simply because we were dancing so much!  Neither Malik nor I wanted the task of taking pictures when there was dancing to be done!  We had a great time.  No, all three rooms were not packed out, however the entire building was jumping.  DJ SMI was spinning in AVA, which is always a great experience.  By the way, an over crowded venue is NEVER the shit!!

I could go on and on about why the Standard was the best party of 2010 so far, but I will stop now.

Parting words:  Everyone wants to be inspired.  We look for inspiration in many forms.  It can be found in books, bibles, and in other people etcetera.  When we make the decision to put on the fresh cloths and shoes, and get all dolled up, to come out for a nice evening, it is NOT too much to ask that the night inspire us.  Inspire us to dance, to laugh, to connect, and to go away fortified for the challenges that await us in our daily grinds.  On Sunday May 30, 2010 the Standard was reprised, and we all left the building INSPIRED!!
Thanks to Charismatic Nightlife!

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  1. I wish I would have known about or remembered this event because I woul have attended just to get out of the house. This holiday weekend was a damper, literally & figuratively.

    Sounds like he put it down and I'm def. going to keep me ears open for the next event!