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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Runway Clearing for Takeoff

Pittsburgh Fashion Week is in full swing!  Its not too late to get in on everything fashion that is happening throughout the city.  I was at the weeks opening show extravaganza, and it was fantastic!  Since I am participating in PFW as a pro makeup artist, my ability to properly report for SpotlightPittsburgh has been diminished this week,  so thankfully Allegra Johnson,  of Urban Media Today decided to share with  us all her perspective of what the opening night of PFW was like.  To read more from Allegra Johnson visit

Allegra Johnson for SLP

Pittsburgh Fashion Week is off to a great start!  If you missed Monday’s opening event, then shame on you.  Just image the Southside Works Square , filled with fashionista’s and all-around fabulous-ness!  There was music, dancing, singing and of course some of the best fashion in the city. Designers like Planet Pulse, Roberta Weissburg Leather, e.b. Pepper, MJ Whalen, Jupe and Sugar showcased their work. 
The opening show was fun, well organized and just a good ole’ time; I laughed, I cried and I wanted to shop!  (I guess that’s the whole purpose of fashion shows).  Anyway, I’m so excited about the rest of fashion week.  Last week, I interview Pittsburgh Fashion Week Executive Assistant LaMont Jones; he said that the whole purpose of Pittsburgh Fashion Week was to showcase the talents of local models, designers, and stylist.  He also said, when we(Pittsburghers) appreciate what Pittsburgh has to offer; then the city can propel into world-class status!  I so agree and Pittsburgh Fashion Week is just a taste of the fabulous things to come.  Now check out some snapshots from the opening; unfortunately, my camera battery died on me midway through the show L  I know, I was on some last minute stuff.  But I will be fully charged for the Zang Toi show today!   

For a complete list of fashion week events go to  

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