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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grand Groove w/ DJ Selecta

Hey everyone! I am sure that you have all been well. You have had ups and downs sure, but we are HERE, and that means that there is hope.

So, this week we are fortunate to have another Grand Groove Radio newsletter post from the great DJ Selecta. Read on as he shares about his time on the Left, side as he calls it. GG radio airs live every Sunday night from 12am-4am on 91.3 FM WYEP in Pittsburgh and online worldwide. Selecta can be reached @ 412.916.7365 with any questions. Enjoy!

Well, I'm back from my enjoyable, albeit short excursion to the Left (Coast). I Was in San Fran for an extended weekend of crate digging and matrimonial festivities. Shout to Chris @ Groove Merchant for keeping a nice stock of rarities across a multi-genre spectrum. I peeped a 7" copy of the Leroy McGee sleeper "The Burg" on the wall for a mere $125! The crazy thing is that they steadily go for the price, even in this dire economy. I still can't believe that my man Buscrates found a grip of 45's for $3 a pop @ Jerry's before the record was unearthed by UK soundsmith Nick Faber several years back. Check the link below if you haven't heard this funky mid 70's ode to our City Of Steel! But, let me digress and get back on the Groove Merchant tip and congratulate them for 20 years in the biz! The always funky team (shout to Jason!) at Ubiquity Records just released an amazing comp of Edits entitled "Groove Merchant Turns 20", giving praise to the legendary record shop that spawned the equally as legendary record label.
Speaking of black cylindrical objects.... One project that has been taking up most of my time, hence the short updates as of late, is the re-opening of 720 Records in our largest location yet. The new shop will be part Cafe', Record Shop, and Clothing Store, catering to both genders. Our team has been working hard for the last 6 months and we are ready to officially open on Black Friday. Stay tuned for more information on the grand opening shindig in updates to follow.
Musically speaking, perusing the blogosphere paid off royally this week. I accidentally stumbled upon a track from 1500 Or Nothing featuring none other than Little Brother/Foreign Exchange member Phonte. I'm a sucker for anything he puts out these days. Tigallo can bring life to the most lackluster of joints with his mixture of crooning and lyrical prowess. Keep them coming Te! Now on to digging of the more traditional kind, I was extremely late on discovering the DJ Platurn (Oakland, CA) reworking of Midnight Star's "Midas Touch on the Bastard Boots imprint. I tend to stay up on anything that comes out on the tiny BK based label but somehow this one slipped through the cracks. Platurn completely reconstructs the MS classic, giving it a broken beat/electro feel complete with new vocals from Kat. Dancefloor killer!
Next week promises to be jam packed with treats as several releases drop including the highly anticipated "LadyKiller" Lp from Cee-Lo Greene. I also have a cache of records that I intend to throw in the mix from my journey out west as well!

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