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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hi Haters!

This is a venting blog post! It has recently come to my attention that haters are lurking. I am used to a certain amount of hateration, but it still can surprise me. I wonder if it is true haterism, or just plain old crab/barrel stuff. Many people only like it when we are in a seemingly lower position than they seem to be, and as soon as we show some improve, they don't know how to react, so it usually comes out like hateration. Or, maybe its because you think I think that I am the shit, and you would be right. Feel free to hate on me! I will not be stopped by anyone, certainly, not hatters.

What else am I supposed to think?

Where is the support? People talk about supporting a person, or a buisness, but are often missing in action when you look up for them. If you want to succeed in business and in life, learn to be real, and not fake ass! It does not matter how cool and down you think that you are, if the only people who know it, is your little circle of friends. Get a grip, and grow the fu*^%k up!

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