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Saturday, July 25, 2009

CEA Annual Black Family Reunion


"Girl power on crack," has been used to describe the scorching hot girl group Electrik Red. Binkie, Lesley, Naomi, and Sarah agree that they are bringing plenty of "Lady Power" to the world. By now you have heard the music and purchased the CD. Why even here on SLP you have listened to Freaky Freaky and Drank in my Cup on the Playlist above this post. Now we get to see them here in Pittsburgh thanks to The Annual Black Family Reunion sponsored by Community Empowerment Association at Mellon Park. Come get hopped up on some "Lady Power" courtesy of the Ladies of Electrik Red! SLP will be there, and so should you. This is a two day community event. Saturday August 1st and Sunday August 2nd.

Last year the event was an outstanding success!
With only about six weeks of planning, the turnout was over 8000 people. People of all ages were in attendance: this was truly a family event. With much more planning and new attractions for this years event, expect anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 people to attending.

Electrik Red,Wiz Khalifa, Boaz, Young Scolla, Tiara Wiles,
Roscoe Wiki and the CommonWealth Family.
The Delfonics!
Artistree, Line Dancing with Roland Ford and More!

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