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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mortgage Solutions

Many people dream of owning a home. Turning that dream into a reality is an entirely different animal. The process of finding the funding, and taking the necessary steps to home ownership may be daunting to some people. Where to start? Who do I contact? What should my credit score be? These are some of the questions that beg answers when the decision to buy a home has been made. I sat down with Tiffani Livesy of Pittsburgh Home Loans, a mortgage company that she owns and operates, to get these and many other questions answered.

Tiffani and I made our way to a local lounge, were we laughed and talked about life, cocktails, and home ownership. Funny combination I know, but we hit it off, and it was like talking with an old friend. Tiffani is a hustler that's for sure. She loves what she does, and works hard for her clients. During our time together I couldn't help but be inspired by here tenacity, and pure energy. As our conversation shifted to the business at hand, I asked Tiffani to describe exactly what it is that she does, and that question began our interview.

"What I do is find the money for people to be able to get the house. I love handling mortgages because I meet a lot of people and I become close with these people and they like me, they trust me. That makes me feel good when somebody over the phone, that has never seen me, trusts that I will get the job done. I am licensed in 50 states. I process all mortgages including FHA loans, first time home buyer loans. I am a personable tenacious go getter, traits that work well for this business.

I have been a mortgage broker for 13yrs. I had been in the medical field working in the operating room assisting the anesthesiologist until a little boy died on the table, and I knew that that wasn't the place for me. After leaving the medical field I lost myself. I was so depressed at that time in life that I needed a job to keep me busy. I went to a guy for a job interview, and Todd Smith interviewed me for a telemarketing job. I like to talk, and so I interviewed so well that he said he wanted to train me to become a loan officer. He could see that I would do well at that. He trained me and he stuck with me, and in my first nine month I made $50,000. There is a lot to learn, it is not easy, but once you get the training and get that experience, you got it! I know me, and I knew that this was for me.

I am a somewhat controlling person, so as time went on I wanted to process my own loan files. A processor processes around twenty other files and perhaps she is not on top of her game. So if I process my own files, I can go the speed I want to go. I think in my business being controlling in that way is beneficial. Because of that experience, we process our own loans at Pittsburgh Home Loans, because I learned how to do it. I will process loans for other mortgage companies as well.

So, I worked with Todd Smith for five years, and then went to two other firms along the way. When I could not get the raise I felt I deserved, I quit and opened my own business. I did it from my bedroom. I was nine months pregnant at the time. I had my own clients and was really maintaining myself well. I then rented a small office at Re/max for a short period of time then Pittsburgh Home Loans got its home in Monroeville.

I work hard for my clients, and that's why they like me so much. President Obama is giving $800 for first timers, come January of 2010. If you are a 1st time buyer I can get you financing to where you will only have to put a very small amount down. I could even work with a 560 credit score as long as a person has good trade lines. Trade lines are credit cards, car notes, student loans etcetera. All of those things need to be on the level if you have around a 560 score. They help to prove that you are paying your bills, and that you have stability. If another mortgage company can't get it done, come to me and I will get the loan for you. I know that is a bold statement, but it's true. "

Mortgage Solutions

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