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Monday, February 1, 2010

Its Time for Another Show!

Hey everyone, I am sure that you are all well.  It is that time again.  Time for another viewing/taping of The Salon Chair Ministry talk show!!  If you have not seen the first show, then scroll down this page some and click the youtube link to the show.   So, the second installment of the show that has everyone talking is coming this Saturday Feb. 6th @8pm and @12am (two shows).  This is a formal invite from me  to YOU!  The response to the show has been nothing but positive.  The waffles hop has been very helpful in making this show a success so far.  All of the editing and the opening of the show has been done by the waffle shops very talented crew.  If you didn't know, the waffle shop is an experimental platform that fosters an organic free form approach to the talk show.  The shop encourages customers/participants to create a show that is interesting and fun.  The first show that I decided to have at the waffle shop was the SpotlightPittsburgh Show which was a bit of a snoozer.  It featured an array of artists, authors, and community people that are here in Pittsburgh sharing their knowledge and talents with the city.  It was well received, but lacked flavor.  When it came time to discuss what the next show would be about, I knew that in order to keep it fun and exciting, the format would have to be different.  As we sat and brainstormed the next show on a cold November day, many great ideas were swirling in the ether.  In a matter of fact manner I spoke about how being a make up artist / hair stylist yeilds much conversation.  Almost instantly the room lit up with energy and a collective, "that is what the show should be about!", filled the room.  I joked about how I have had a salon chair ministry for years, and the rest was as they say, history, or mystory.  The first show went off well, and the waffle shop was a buzz with eating, talking, and much laughter, we had a great time.  Some things will be a little different this time around, but the elements that make the show worth doing will be in abundant supply.  Conversation, wine, laughter and fun will be flowing like water, and you might learn a thing or two about hair/make up!   Hope to see you @ the Waffle shop this Saturday night for the Salon Chair Ministry!!  RSVP on FB  Btw, men are strongly encouraged to attend.

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