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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Glitch in the Matrix

First, thank you to all 13 of you who are interested in , and support SpotlightPittsburgh. Tell your friends about us, and be sure to leave comments.

Sex and the Steele City was very nice, I have photos. I had been experiencing technical difficulties, and have been unable to get on line. It really sucks when you are moving forward with force, then the universe slows you down. Anyway, keep riding with me, it only gets better and better!

Hey, don't forget that the arts festival is here. There are many great things happnin' this summer around the city,enjoy as much as possible.

Please check out the new folks on the Hot7, and also the new LinkList entries.

Get out there! Enjoy the City!

1 comment:

  1. Hey denise,
    great to see your back up and running. I know how exciting it was for you to finaly get spotlightpittsburgh in the air. Then to have an emergency landing, not being able to get online to keep it going was probably tough. Your the sh-- though and you always bounce back. Keep doin' what you do and i'll just get out and enjoy this bridge city. Sex and the steel city was off the meter. props to nate da phat and jason, glamourlife and all who put that together. Peace