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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Support Local Businesses

Peace everyone! This post is dedicated to every Pittsburgh based entrepreneur. I, like many of you, am in the process of upstart, and I have this surge of creative and community minded energy. So, I wanted to spotlight the idea of shopping locally.

I do shop on line for many of the things that I like too. Earrings, and other jewelry, cloths, shoes, house hold goods, etc. Yet, we live in a stylish city,- contrary to popular opinion- and our purchases could reflect that if we allow ourselves the freedom to jump in and experience what the city has to offer us. There are so many furniture stores that have custom work and hard to find pieces. I'm not talking about big box stores either. There is nothing wrong with them Pr Se, but if you want to be unique, and reflect your own personal style, then its worth checking into some boutiques around the city. In the forthcoming posts, SpotlightPittsburgh will extend the LinkList to include some of these places that I am referencing. Jewelry? Handcrafted jewelry?! Omagod! There are numerous beautiful people, making beautiful jewelry. Click the link to MUSE:ACD, Che'Ana has some really pretty and creative handcrafted pieces. Please let her know that SpotlightPittsburgh sent you. There are local clothing stores, and local designers with out storefronts, that have well crafted and unique pieces. Click the Afar link in the LinkList to check out some of their cloths, and find out which stores are carrying them. Also, check out the Catalyst Blog by founder, and my friend, Jovon to really know who and what is happening in fashion around our city. Catalyst is dedicated to showcasing local Pittsburgh talent in the fashion industry, but you can learn all of that and more by clicking the Catalyst blog link. Restaurants, Omagod! For real, I would like to know just how many restaurants we actually have in this city. Not chain restaurants, but home grown originals, that have there own thing going on. Like for instance, the Hot Metal Diner in West Mifflin, they have great food, and they are an original restaurant, very original. Please go there for breakfast, and let the owner Wendy Betton know that SpotlightPittsburgh sent you. All I am saying is, get out and enjoy the city! Shop the city! I know that times are tight now, and that is all the more reason to shop locally. Did anyone notice that shipping costs have gone up a ridiculous amount?! Well of course they have, it takes gas to ship our things to us. It takes gas to ship everything to us, even the things that we purchase locally, but at least by spending locally, we cut out the middle man (FedEx, or whatever other carrier you use), by not buying gas for those trucks. Also, in tight times it seems to me that spending wisely is really what it is all about. What if you order something on line, and the color looked right on the screen, but when it arrived, it was different? Then, there goes more money that you have to spend on returning the item. See what I'm getting at? If you shop homegrown local, you see it, you love it, you buy it, you take it home, it works in your space, you're happy, and everybody wins. Think about it.

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Lastly, the Shadow Lounges Block Party was a blast! The rain tried to do its business on our parade, but good music, good drinks, and good people kept us all going until the rain gave way, and the party really began to heat up. Thanks everyone for all of the positive feedback in regard to the blog. It is fun, and we will keep doing it until it isn't anymore. I hope that all of you, and more will take the ride with us. We all can benefit from SpotlightPittsburgh. Remember also, to nominate your favorite business or business person to be on the Hot7. We here at SpotlightPittsurgh can not possibly hit every place in Pittsburgh, so we need you to do your part, and tell us who, and why we should consider that business for the Hot7. So far the 7 listed now are holding it down until more can be reviewed, Help!

May we all be blessed with a memorable passionate summer

Get out and enjoy the city!


  1. Great Post! I so agree that supporting local businesses are so important! Keep the great news about our city flowing!

  2. supporting local business is the key to keeping communities together. I enjoy giving my hard earned money to local cats on their grind. When i say support i mean if something cost $4.50 why do we really want the .50 cents back? Not to sound religious, the more you give the more will be given to you. Don't you want to own a business? Don't you want home town love? Give it and watch how strong it comes back. Be wise!