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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


SpotlightPittsburgh is a blog of course, a brand indeed, and a place to transfer information. Yet in alot of ways this all is an extension of myself. So, like myself SLP likes to have people come and visit, and stay awhile, listen to some music and chill. Sometimes, when people come to Malik, Jordan and my home, they like it so much that they want to keep coming back. SLP has had the same experience. Kristin Renee is a blogger in her own right. She writes a popular blog for She is am enormously talented artist as well. Soon I am sure she will formally introduce herself to the SLP audience. For now, enjoy the local artist blast that she has written for us.

Finally, please also read and comment on the other posts below. More guest blogger introductions in the near future. For now, enjoy the music. New music added, old music taken away. Tell people about how sick the playlist is! A great alternative to the radio if I say so myself.

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