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Monday, August 10, 2009

What Happend? This weekend...

This was another busy, fun, and productive week end. SpotlightPittsbrugh is really making connections and making this Spotlight concept better and better. Thanks to everyone for spreading the word! You keep riding, I will keep driving :-)

If you live in Pittsburgh then chances are you have heard of the Waffleshop. If you have no idea what I mean, then go to . SLP had the pleasure of being interviewed at the waffleshop by Butter for her show, Random Balances. Our interview is not posted yet, but go to the site and see others. Most are funny, some are informative, others are plain silly. Nevertheless, I had a blast! Nothing wrong with some free publicity. SpotlightPittsburgh knows that well. Thanks to Emmai Alaquiva for the spontaneous idea! Thanks to Butter for the informative interview.

Thriller proved to be a cool party! Of course I had no doubt. DJ Vex was refreshing. The crowd felt good, and the atmosphere was charged. Style and Steel has done it again. Go to to find out about up coming events.

The Afrikan Arts Fest took place in west park on the north side this week end. I was there on Sunday, and had an awesome time. As usual it was good to see all of the beautiful people out and about enjoying summer and one another. Thanks to all the vendors for showing up in a big way. For everyone that follows SLP on twitter, I hope you enjoyed the photos that I tweeted along my day in our fine city.

While we are on the twitter subject, if you follow then you also saw the exchange of words between myself and Binkie of Electirk Red. Some people feel as if I should have let it ride, that she was only joking (twizzy) but I had to say something. If it was a joke,then cool, but just in case it wasn't I felt that I have a responsibility to my/our city to make people respect it. I know some of you may have dis respected the city yourselves before, but its still not OK. I believe its all good with PGH and the Electrik Red peeps. I just needed to speak up.

Moving on, there is alot of new info in the following posts. Absorb it all and support! Please post comments people! Let me know how you feel.

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