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Monday, August 10, 2009

Iyana Tennon is an amazing woman. Having a vision and executing that vision are two different things, but she has managed to do both. Please read along as Iyana shares with us some important facts about Virtuous Academy, a school that she has not only envisioned, but is building into a nest for fostering the minds of the future.

SLP: What is your educational background?
Iyana: I have a Bachelor in Science Education from Clarion University and completing a Master's in school leadership this fall.

What does the name virtuous imply about the academy?
We are setting a standard at Virtuous academy where we work together as a family to bring the best out of one another. We are all teachers and learners; we respect one another and work to provide a pleasant and productive environment. We have a zero tolerance for violence and a high standard for academic achievement. We strive to change our surroundings instead of allowing our surroundings change us.

Is the Academy an elementary, middle, or high school?
We teach elementary and middle school grades (4-8) but we are an ability level school, where we challenge students from where they are to build a foundation that can get them where they should be. Unfortunately, our students have been 2-4 grades behind, unable to do grade level work with a "swiss cheese" foundation. However, our goal is to serve grades K-12 as the school grows.

What are the hours of operation?
The school day lasts from 8am-2:55 and we have an after school program called Backstage that is in operation from 3pm-6pm

What positions are you looking to fill at the school?
I am in search of passionate, firm and dedicated teachers in the areas of math(elem/MS), science (elem/MS), Social Studies(elem/MS), English Language Arts(elem/MS), Health/PE and Art of all genres. I am also seeking an administrative assistant, para-professionals and custodian.

Prospective work candidates should send their resume to where?
All candidates should have update Act 33/34 and FBI clearances, documentation of a recent physical and all resumes should be mailed to:

What area of study do you teach at the school?
The students learn Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Health/PE. Special subjects include: Computers, creative writing, spanish, photography, and gym. In art we explore: painting, drawing, photography, drama, dance, music and look to explore all that art has to offer. And art is explored every day of the week. Music and drama were covered the first year and we are looking forward to expanding our art department this year.

What is the enrollment process for perspective students?
Parents fill out an enrollment form and according to class size and enrollment of particular grades students are selected. An acceptance letter is mailed out and additional information is requested in the acceptance letter.

How is the school funded?
Churches, private donors, foundations, corporations and organizations are being sought after for funding. We get some funding from the Dept. of Education to purchase books and food. A lot of hard work is being put into this area. As a start-up this is unfortunately a struggle at the present time.

How should people, companies, and foundations contact you in order to contribute?
All donations can be sent to:
Virtuous Academy
PO Box 29 Duquesne, PA 15110 412-330-0596

We encourage donors to come and see what's going on so they can play a part in breaking cycles of poverty and ignorance.
You can check out Virtuous Academy myspace page at:


  1. Excellent article. I wish Virtuous Academy unlimited success.