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Monday, August 10, 2009

SAT help for our Students

Gina Quintana has been an educator for many years, and has a true passion for feeding knowledge to those who are hungry for it. If you have any questions email Gina. Better yet email her to sign your high schooler up! Its all about community OK people! Many of you SLP lovers know some high schoolers that could use this close attention during this SAT preparatory time. In order to be ready for the SAT you must be prepared. Please read over the info below, and do pass it on. This is very valuable info for a critical time in the lives of our students.



Review basics and learn techniques that will enable your student to work effectively.

In these five 90-minute small group sessions, we will review basic SAT math concepts.

The format will be 30-minute review (with handouts);

40 minute problem session; 20 minute student questions.

(Class limit 5 students.)

Saturday, August 29th: Number Operations; Number Properties; Powers and Roots

Saturday, September 5th : Ratios and Rates; Percents

Saturday, September 12th : Algebra; Word Problems

Saturday, September 19th : Lines and Angles; Triangles

Saturday, September 26th : Quadrilaterals; Circles

Time: 11 AM – 12:30 PM

Cost: $95

Location: Point Breeze

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